Central to our success is our ability to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients to meet individual investment goals and risk-return dispositions. Thus, investment advice follows pre-specified, personified criteria throughout our comprehensive list of products and services. The offered services take full advantage of the experienced executives dedicated and specialized in each area, however when the particular project circumstances call for a more complex arrangement, is not uncommon that multidisciplinary teams are formed to structure and provide solutions. The products and services offered through CYCLOS Securities S.A. are:

Stock Exchange Related Services

As a member of the Athens Stock Exchange and through its cooperation with foreign investment firms, CYCLOS Securities S.A. offers to its clients access to a full range of local and international investment products and services.

Stock Brokerage Services

As a Member of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), CYCLOS Securities S.A. has accumulated in-depth experience servicing both retail and institutional investors. The company enjoys the reputation among investors for the precise, reliable and timely execution of all orders and clearing transactions.

Financial Derivatives

As one of the first Members of the Athens Derivative Exchange (ADEX) and the Athens Derivatives Exchange Clearing House (ADECH), CYCLOS Securities S.A. has the expertise to execute and clear orders concerning all available products, which include Futures and Options in Indexes and Securities, USD Futures, as well as Stock Lending and Stock Borrowing Contracts.

Margin Account

In close cooperation with some of the most prestigious Banks in Greece, the company is in the position to offer Leverage Buying of Securities traded in the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), with respect to the existing legal framework.

Global Markets

The foreign markets department offers our clients access to all the major international equity and ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) markets.


Through a highly advanced and secure electronic system, CYCLOS Securities S.A. offers its clients the opportunity to execute their trades at the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) with accuracy and efficiency.

Other Financial Products

Mutual Funds Units

Our company is a local distributor of ING Luxembourg mutual funds that cover a wide range of investment preferences.

Fixed Income Securities

In a low interest-rate global environment, CYCLOS Securities S.A. has expanded its services to provide its clients a variety of Government and Corporate Bonds, as well as Repurchase Agreements (Repos), which offer high fixed-income-returns.

Repo - Time Deposits

CYCLOS Securities S.A. is cooperation with local banks, offers very competitive interest rates for investments in repos and time deposits.

Analysis & Portfolio Management

Financial Research & Analysis

CYCLOS Securities S.A. has invariably placed an emphasis on Financial Research and Analysis. Our in-house unit is comprised by highly skilled professionals and equipped by state-of-the-art technological systems.

Asset Management

Management of private wealth is pivotal to the company’s strategy throughout the years. In this respect, CYCLOS Securities S.A. has staffed a team of well-trained, experienced professionals to provide distinct asset management services to high net-worth individuals on both an advisory and discretionary basis.

Special Corporate Services

Corporate Finance

CYCLOS Securities S.A. acts as a financial advisor to corporations addressing issues such as stock market listing; mergers, acquisitions & disposals; strategic streamlining; capital restructuring / financial engineering.